Caller Name Announcer App: This app will announce the name and number of the caller

Caller Name Announcer App: In today’s digital age, technology is used a lot in even the smallest things. In this digital age a very fun and very useful application is provided on Google playstore. The name of this app is “Caller Name Announcer App”. This application has a lot of features. This app will speak your name whenever someone calls your phone. You will not need to look at the phone often. Your phone will tell you who is calling.

Caller Name Announcer app

This app is one of the best android apps. This application will give you the name of the caller when a call or message comes from any person, you don’t need to look in the mobile. This application is provided absolutely free on google playstore. Hands-Free Pro is absolutely the fastest, best, most useful and hundred percent free app. This smart app is very useful for everyone who wants to be smart in this digital age. If you are not in the right place and don’t want to listen to the feature provided by this application, options are also provided to turn off this system.

This app will speak the name and number of the person whose phone will come

Caller name announcer app also identifies unknown mobile number. This app will speak the name and number of the person calling you, even if the mobile number of the person calling you is not in your contact list, this app identifies it so that you know who called you. Caller Name Announcer app supports all operating systems 5.1 or above. This app is only 12MB in size. But after installing in the phone occupies space around 40MB to 50MB. So far more than one crore people have downloaded this app. This application has been given 4.2 star rating on play store.

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  • When you are driving or doing some important work, this app will prove to be very useful
  • You will know whose call or message is coming without looking at the mobile screen.
  • It will also identify unknown mobile numbers.
  • You can turn on and off the function of this app as per your convenience.
  • Options to store missed calls, dialed calls and received calls and call back are also provided.
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