Kisan Drone Yojna: Government will provide assistance for spraying pesticides from drones

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Many schemes are regularly implemented by the Gujarat government for the farmers of Gujarat, now the Gujarat government has implemented the  scheme of spraying pesticides with drones for the farmers to avoid pesticides in the crops .

drone spraying plan | Kisan Drone Scheme

Kisan Drone Scheme:  Using the advanced technology of agriculture sector to provide pesticide spraying  scheme by the Government of Gujarat  , this scheme will be done by drones which will be assisted by the Gujarat government to the farmers of Gujarat.

This scheme  is an agricultural scheme being run by the Gujarat government on the iKhedoot portal, with the help of which the farmers of Gujarat can take advantage of spraying drones on their crops, under which the farmers are given 90% assistance by the government on the cost   price . 

Farmer friends who want to take advantage of this Drone Pesticide Spraying Assistance Scheme started by the Gujarat Kisan Government will also have to apply online by visiting the iKhedoot portal.

Benefits of drone insecticide spraying scheme available

  • Any farmers of Gujarat who take advantage of the Drone Pesticide Release Scheme launched by the government will be eligible to get the following benefits from the government.
  • Under this scheme, the farmers of Gujarat will be eligible to get 90 percent or a maximum of Rs.500, whichever is less, this assistance is given by the government during rescue per actor.
  • Under this scheme, farmers of Gujarat will be eligible to get maximum five A Karma and maximum five Escape Limit assistance for a financial year.
  • Under this scheme, the farmers of Gujarat will save time in drug release and at the same time farmers will get protection from the side effects of drug release.
  • Crops can be monitored by drones and pesticides will be released with the help of drones.
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Documents Required for Drone Pesticide Spraying Scheme

Farmers of Gujarat running on I Khedut portal will have to apply online through Agriculture Department for availing the benefit of spraying pesticide by drone for which the following documents will be required.

  • Aadhaar Card of applicant farmer
  • bank passbook
  • an instance of seven twelve or eight
  • ration card too
  • Mobile number of the applicant farmer.

Farmers of Gujarat can apply online through their mobile by visiting the iKhedoot portal to take advantage of the drone pesticide release scheme launched by the government. If any farmer friends have any problem in applying online, then they can comment below. You can ask questions in the box.

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