Instant Cash Loan in 5 minutes – Get Loan in 5 Minutes Best

Do you need some money right away? It is better to take a loan from a bank than to borrow money from relatives and friends because if the money is not returned on time due to some reason, then it does not take long to spoil the good relationship.

What Is An Instant Cash Loan?

Despite your careful planning, it’s possible that you might suddenly require more money. Experts advise that you always maintain an easily accessible source of funds to cover any unforeseen short-term expenses in order to get through such situations. Having said that, there may be times when you can’t access your money right away or when you don’t have enough to cover your needs. The instant cash loan steps into the picture at that point.

Reasons To Choose Instant Cash Loans

When you’re short on funds, instant cash loans are an incredible way to cover your expenses. It is especially useful if you need a small sum of money right away and don’t have enough time to wait. Or perhaps you only need a small amount and are certain that you can pay the loan back in a few months (less than a year). As a result, it meets all kinds of consumer needs, whether you’re paying your rent, utilities, or medical costs, upgrading extravagantly to the newest gadget, or everything in between. It’s simple and requires little paperwork to apply online for an instant cash loan.

Features Of An Instant Cash Loan In 5 Minutes

Instant Cash Loans in 5 minutes have a lot of features. This is why they are becoming more and more popular.

Small Loan Amount: Instant cash loans typically range in size from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 2 lakhs. Basically, a person can receive up to three times their monthly pay as the maximum amount.

High Interest Rates: It should be noted that although lenders may promote these loans at shockingly low interest rates, the rates are really computed on a monthly basis. This raises the cost of your loan significantly, especially if you choose a duration longer than three to six months.

Fully Online Method: The process used by instant cash loan applications that offer these loans is entirely online.

However, it should be noted that before selecting a lender, it is advisable to conduct a complete background check on the lender and confirm that they have an RBI license. If the lender has approved the applicant’s profile, a quick loan can be applied for and disbursed in a very short amount of time.

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Benefits Of An Instant Cash Loan In 5 Minutes

  • They are there to assist us in an emergency.
  • They abide by all applicable laws and ethical standards.
  • They are not reliant on assets or collateral.
  • Those with a poor credit rating will benefit.
  • Convenience and speed

Top 8 Instant Cash Loan Apps

There are many instant cash loan apps available on the internet from where we can avail loans easily. We do not even have to go anywhere. There are many great ways to borrow money online in India that can help you take a loan for business or a personal loan. These instant cash loan apps will give you a loan by submitting basic documents whenever you need money in an emergency. Due to the large number of loan lending apps available on the internet, one gets confused as to which app to take loan from and where not to take it.

That’s the reason, through this article; we are providing you a list of top 8 best instant cash loan apps so that you can get the best loan from them and at the lowest interest rate. From this list, you can choose any loan app as per your convenience.


Dhani app is commonly promoted as phone se loan app. This app claims that you can get an instant cash loan in 5 minutes. All you have to do is download the app and upload your PAN, aadhaar number and address for verification.


Loan amount: Rs 10,000 to Rs 15 lakh

Loan tenure: 3 months to 36 months

Annual interest rates: 0% to 13.99%

Applicant’s age: above 18 years


CASHe is a great loan lending app. All you have to do is download the CASHe app on your phone. Upload the required documents on the app; once approved, the loan amount is credited to your account within a few minutes.


Loan amount: Rs 1000 to Rs 4,00,000

Minimum monthly income: Rs 15,000

Rate of interest: 27% to 33%

Applicant’s age: Between 18-57 years

Early Salary

The purpose of Early Salary is to give instant cash loans to low salary earners. If both your salary and credit score are low, then Early-Salary is the best online loan app for you.


Loan amount: Up to 80% of your monthly salary

Loan tenure: 90 days to 24 months

Interest rates: 0% to 36%

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Applicant’s age: Between 21-55 years 


PaySense is an instant cash loan app where you can apply for a personal loan in a matter of minutes with the required documents.


Loan amount: Rs 5,000 to Rs 5 lakh

Minimum monthly income: Rs 18,000

Interest rate: 16% to 36%

Loan tenure: 3 months to 36 months

Age of applicant: Between 21-60 years.


CreditBee is one of the best lending apps in India as the entire loan process is online and requires few documents.


Loan amount: Rs 1,000 to Rs 2 lakh

Minimum monthly income: Rs 10,000

Loan tenure: 62 days to 15 years

Interest rate: 0% to 29.95%

Applicant’s age: More than 18 years


Anyone can apply for a loan on the SmartCoin app such as professionals, students and business owners as there is no age limit for availing loan on this app. The features of the app can be easily understood by anyone.


Loan amount: Rs 4,000 to Rs 1 lakh

Annual interest: 20% to 36%

No minimum salary

Applicant’s age: More than 18 years


MoneyTap is one of the best instant cash loan apps in 5 minutes. People with or without credit history can also get loans. The best part is that you pay interest only on the loan amount that you use and not on the entire sanctioned amount.


Interest rates – 13% to 36% p.a.

Loan Tenure – 1 to 36 months

Applicant age: Between 23-55 Years

Minimum monthly income: Rs 20,000


MoneyView, is also called a low credit score loan app. Apart from loans, they give you an in-built money management tool that keeps track of your expenses and tells you where you can save money.


Loan tenure: 3 months to 5 years

Loan amount: Rs10,000 to Rs5 lakh.

Rate of interest: 1.33% per month

Applicant’s age: Between 21-57 years

There are several other instant cash loan apps. Here’s a list:








PayMe India








Documents Required For Instant Cash Loan In 5 Minutes

Different documents are required for availing loans on different apps. But most of the instant cash loan apps require these documents:

  • Aadhaar card
  • Pan card
  • Salary slip
  • Good credit score
  • Bank statement of last 6 months
  • Address proof
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Benefits Of Instant Cash Loan Apps

  • Easy application
  • Cash without documents
  • Instant online payment
  • Convenient EMI Schemes

Chit Funds: An Alternative To Taking Personal Loans

Chit funds may appear to be an entirely different category of financial product. But there are various ways that chit funds might assist you in escaping the financial trap of personal loans. You might wonder how. Below is a quick summary:

Chit funds are a type of borrowing and saving tool where regular contributions can be made. You can make contributions to a suitable chit fund scheme for a tenure of two to three years in order to cover expenses that you are expected to incur in the near to medium term. Your money is therefore ready to be used when the actual expense arises, without the concern for debt or interest. Even if you are faced with a financial emergency, the chit fund gives you a quick liquidity option to tide over the situation. In a chit fund scheme, even if you take out the entire amount early, your monthly payments cover both the principal and interest. In this way, you will be debt free at the end of the tenure.

With The Money Club app, you can get money through your phone without lengthy procedures and high interest charged by the banks. This comes in handy when you need instant money from time to time to cover expenses. Banks/NBFCs charge an interest rate between 12%-24% on personal loans. Furthermore, there are chances that your loan application may get rejected due to any reason. Due to increasing interest rates, EMIs are also higher. As opposed to personal loans, chit funds have far lower interest rates and documentation requirements.

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Traditional Chit fund Companies vs The Money Club

Is it safe to invest in Chit Funds? Digital Vs Offline Chit Fund


There are a lot of instant cash loan apps that provide loans in 5 minutes. While taking a loan, you should definitely check the interest rates of the loan and also check the reviews about the app from which you are taking the loan so that you do not face any problem later. You can apply for a loan on any app as per your convenience.

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