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Today most people have problems with their eyes. The thing is that we tend to use more and more smartphones, tablets, and computers. This can be harmful to health.

In this situation, it is better to keep your eyes’ health under control. It is quite hard to visit your doctor every week or even every month. This is why we decided to create a list of the best free apps for testing your eyes.

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Most of the applications are available for iOS, as well as for Android users.

Eye Vision Test Free

Here comes one of the best Android eye test applications. This eye test is packed with many vision control tools.

The application works perfectly on any device, including a computer, tablet, and smartphone. However, we would recommend that you use your smartphone for tests. It will be easier, as you will have to hold your device in front of your face.

Another cool thing about the app is that it is very small. It doesn’t require a lot of place in your device’s memory. You will need approximately 6 MB.

Eye Vision Test Free is free of charge. If you are connected to the Internet, there will be some ads that keep the tests free.

However, the application also works offline. If you are irritated with the ads popping out of nowhere, you can turn the Wi-Fi off.

Another advantage is that the app has a pretty good graphic interface. The application is easy to use right after the download.

The only disadvantage is that the number of tests provided by the app is limited. There are fewer tests than in the other apps listed here.

You can download this eye test application from Google Play for free. Make sure you take vision tests regularly so that you can see the dynamics of your eyesight’s condition.

Visual Acuity Test

This is another cool eye testing application. It contains all the basic tests you will like. To take a test, make sure you give the app access to your camera. 

With this app, you will:

  1. Make a general eye exam that can detect major problems. It is vitally important because the earlier you start treatment, the better. 
  2. Check your vision and download the results of the test. You can use them later when you go to your doctor. It is better to take the test multiple times so that you could see the dynamics.
  3. Take a professional astigmatism test and get a precise result. This is a very reliable test, this is why don’t neglect it. 
  4. Take a number of glasses test to find out if your glasses are good for you. Maybe they should be replaced with new ones. 
  5. Prevent serious eye diseases. When you detect a disease, you should go to your doctor at once. 

You can save your test results so that you can analyze if your vision is getting better. 

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You can create a spreadsheet or any type of graph. This visualization will be done automatically. 

Visual Acuity Test is very reliable and precise. It is rated 4.3 out of 5. The app is getting more and more positive feedback from the users. 

The application is available for free on Google Play. 

Eye Test 2020

This Eye Test is a perfect way to examine your eyes simply and fast. You can control your vision at a click of a button. This is extremely important today, as most people tend to use more and more devices that are harmful to their eyesight.

The thing is that vision can be checked quite easily. You don’t need to have special equipment and instruments. The only thing you will use is your smartphone.
There are many tests in the app but the main idea is that you need to place your device in front of your eyes (16 inches) and look at the screen.
You will be shown some images, colors, and shapes. Your aim is to understand what you see and differentiate between them.
When you are done with the tests, you can analyze the result. We recommend that you take at least two tests. It’s better to do the first one in the morning and the second one before you go to sleep.
The application is free. You can use it right after the download. You don’t have to create an account or choose any type of subscription.
You can get it now on Google Play and control your vision.

Eye Exam

If you are concerned about your vision, this app is a must for you. It allows you to see how many problems you have and how you could fix them. 

The best thing about Eye Exam is that you can test your eyes’ health at home. 

It is vitally important as we tend to get most of the information visually. 

To use the application efficiently, try to stick to the following instructions:

  • Sit comfortably and try not to make a movement.
  • Your smartphone’s camera should work properly. If it doesn’t it can affect the results of the test. 
  • Place your device in front of you. It should be 16 inches from your eyes. 
  • Close your left eye and press the button. Then close your right eye and do the same. 
  • Wait for the results to be presented to you.

The application keeps all the results of your tests so that you can analyze the dynamics later, which is important when you are tracking your health parameters. 

If you do tests regularly, you can use measurement statistics. You can easily visualize your progress. For example, you can see it in a pie chart form or any other type of graph. The application will create these graphs automatically. 

All the data about your health will be available for download. You can use it when you go to your doctor. 

Please note that this app is not the same as visiting the optician. If you have serious problems, make sure you get a doctor’s consultation. 

The app is available on Google Play for free. There are some ads that keep the content free for you. 

Eye Test Free

This is a basic application that aims at controlling your eye’s health. The app is packed with a great number of great tests that will tell you if your eyes are ok or not. 
There are more than 100 various tests devoted to different aspects:
Visual acuity Test. This is the most popular basic method for detecting eyesight problems. 
Astigmatism. This is a special condition when your eyes are too tired so that your sight gets worse. If you have astigmatism, you can hardly work with your tablet or smartphone. 
Color Test. It can help you find out if your sight spectrum is normal. 
Question Test. Some issues can be detected without special tests. This is why try to answer all the questions to get the most profound results. 
However, we need to warn you that this app can not replace a visit to a real doctor. 
Eye Test is 100% free of charge. There are no ads that could possibly distract you from enjoying the content.  


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